How long do I have to wear compression stockings?

How long are stockings required after endovenous laser ablation? How do they help?

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Replied on 9/12/2010

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  Dr. John Landi, FACS, RPVI, RPhS
Medical Director, Diplomate Am. Board of Phlebology

Naples, FL

After endovenous laser ablation compression stockings should be worn for about 2 weeks. I tell them to wear them as much as possible and that they can be removed for exercise or showering. They help by reducing swelling and bruising and improving venous return. Many patients just feel more comfortable wearing the stockings after the procedure.

Replied on 11/18/2009

By: Laser Vein Center  |  Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T.
O'Fallon, MO

I have my patients wear their stockings for only 1 weeks after ablation. but can be doing almost all normal activities during that whole time.some patients prefer to wear them a few more weeks for comfort reasons.

The stockings maintain compression on the treated vein to prevent it from opening back up, as well as reducing swelling, bruising and providing support and protection to the limb as healing progresses.

Replied on 11/18/2009

By: Miller Vein  |  Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D.
Steven K. Wang, M.D.
Michael E. Lulenski, M.D.

Novi, MI

Usually about two weeks. They usually make patients feel better while recovering and if a person experiences delayed pain after the procedure, graded compression stockings help.

Replied on 11/17/2009

By: Angelo N. Makris MD   |  Angelo N. Makris, M.D. Interventional Radiology Center
Oak Brook, IL

It varies depending on the treating physician. However, it usually is between one to two weeks. They help by extrinsically compressing the ablated vein and minimizing a recurrence due to the vein reopening. They also help to minimize superficial thrombophlebitis.

Replied on 11/16/2009

By: Innovative Vein  |  Paul Cheatum, M.D.
Wichita, KS

Stockings are a good idea following the procedure so that post-procedural pain and swelling can be controlled. In most cases, as long as a patient wears the stockings daily, they may return to normal activities immediately. Most physicians have patients wear stockings for at least the first week, but sometimes up to 2 or more depending on their progress.

Replied on 11/16/2009

By: Heart and Vein Center  |  Rodolfo D. Farhy, MD, FACC, FAHA
Lathrup Village, MI

You should wear compression stockings for at least 15 days after the procedure. The results are better and the chances of failure are less.

Replied on 11/16/2009

By: Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center  |  David A. Engleman MD, FACC
Dallas, TX

Help with healing. Usually should wear them 1-2 weeks.

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Will compression stockings cut off my circulation? (10 answers)
It seems like tight clothes wouldn’t benefit circulation.

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I am experiencing extreme pain in both calf muscles and have egg size swelling on each outer leg. My GP has recently told me to just go to the drug store and buy support hose because I have symptoms of varicose veins. What are my options?

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If I have problems with just one leg, can I wear one compression knee high or should I wear both?

Sciatica pain. Will compression stockings help with the pain? (8 answers)
I presently suffer from a sciatica for the 1st time. Lots of pain in my calf area and particularly in one pinpoint spot in the calf along with hip/groin pain.
I wonder if stockings will help my calf pain and is it safe at 20/30 compression?
Thank you

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What devices are available to help me put on my compression stockings?

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Is your leg supposed to hurt when you wear compression stockings? (8 answers)
Around my knee was hurting, and the doctor said I'm now getting varicose veins. Current treatment is to wear stockings and take Daflon, but now when I wear the compression gd 2 stockings, my entire leg is hurting.

Compression hose (8 answers)
I bought compression hose online at a doctor recommended site. Does the tightness and compression in the stomach cause a problem from the hose? I thought you want to avoid tightness in the stomach area.

Why do my muscles hurt more in my legs? (8 answers)
I was measured for the stockings and need to use them during my pregnancy, but I find them uncomfortable, itchy and my leg muscles or calf muscles have been killing me since I started using these stockings. I'm thinking it's not worth it!

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I had total hip replacement on the left side and after surgery wore thigh-highTed stockings on both legs. I woke up in the middle of the night with stinging pain in one leg above the knee. My stocking had rolled down. The doctor did ultrasound and there was no clot. My leg hurts and then goes numb. Is this normal and what should I do?

Can compression stockings cause pain? (7 answers)
I was just diagnosed with an SVT in L medial lower leg halfway down. My symptoms began about 1" below medial knee joint. I just started wearing my compression stockings (20-30 mmHg). There was some relief for 9 hours, but I have much pain just below the medial knee again. Suggestions?

I have veins showing after surgery (7 answers)
I had long and short libation, strip and avulsions in both legs one week ago. The left leg has been done for the second time, I can see veins still, will they disappear wearing the support stockings?

compression stockings for POTS (7 answers)
I am diagnosed with POTS (dysautonomia). What would be the proper compression? I am 106lb and think that 15-20 compression (recommended) is too low, since stockings do not stretch as they would on a heavier person. Is it safe to switch to 20-30?

What to do when compression stockings increase symptoms? (7 answers)
I had cramp for about a week in right let then swelling around ankle. Went to vein specialist, did ultrasound. No clots but could have been after the fact. Prescribed compression stockings because there is so much pain. Unfortunately no health insurance.

Ankle swelling (7 answers)
Im wearing comprehension stockings for bilateral ankle swelling that began 3 months ago and only have a varicose vein in the left leg. My vascular surgeon doesn't think the surgery will reduce the swelling in the affected leg. What to do?

Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramps during sleep? (7 answers)
Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramp during sleep?

I had knee surgery and the doctors put a stocking on my good leg. (7 answers)
I had knee surgey yesterday and they put a stocking on my good leg should i keep wearing it on the good leg?

Can i wear my TED stockings if my feet, ankles & calves are already swollen? (7 answers)
I have recently had surgery and was wearing TEDs while I was not mobil, I have had them off for about 4 days and done a lot of walking yesterday and now I have swelling in my feet, ankles & calves. Is it okay to put my TED stockings back on?

Should I be wearing compression stockings? (7 answers)
I am 21 years old and just bought some compression stockings but im not sure if thats what I need. My legs are always very tired, feel heavy, and also feel swollen around my ankles. I've also noticed a couple of spider veins on my legs.

How long does it take Compression Stockings to work? (7 answers)
How long after starting to wear these, will I see results?My calve has improved, but the ankle is still huge and the foot quite puffy.

How much pressure should a Compression Stocking have? (7 answers)
How does one calculate the compression in stocking?

What level of compression stocking I should get? (7 answers)
I have been running lately and while I run, my left foot gets tingly and wants to fall asleep and then throughout the day from my knee down to my toes it tingles off and on. I believe compression stockings will help.

What material are Compression Stockings made of? (6 answers)
I'm confused which compression stockings to get because when I try to buy online they ask what material.

Where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station? (6 answers)
Any recommendatinos on where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?

Should a diabetic wear compression stockings 24 hours daily? (6 answers)
Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours per day continuously or not just worn at bedtime?

Bulging veins in my legs. Wearing compression socks, but legs tend to jerk (6 answers)
I am waiting on surgery for my leg veins and started wearing compression socks again after not wearing them for years. I have only been taking them off when I bathe. My legs have started feeling restless and jerky when I lay or sit. When I take the compression socks off they don't jerk. What can I do in the meantime until the surgery?

My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal? (6 answers)
My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?

Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period? (6 answers)
Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period?

Can you use body lotion on your legs before you wear TED stockings? (6 answers)
Can you use body lotion on your legs before you wear TED stockings?

Wearing Ted Hose 24 hours? (6 answers)
My wife has no movement on her left side, therefore can not move her left leg and can not circulate the blood in that leg. Should she wear Ted Hose 24 hours a day?

My legs throb, twitch, and ache at night. (6 answers)
I am wearing thigh high compression stockings all day long and they are helping but as soon as I take them off at night to sleep my legs start throbbing, tingling, aching, jerking, etc. Should I continue to wear them at night or take them off?

I think the compression hose is causing more pain? (6 answers)
I had EVLT greater saphenous vein on right leg in mid May 2011 and two phlebectomys on the ankle. I have A LOT of spider veins on the anterior dorsum of the ankle and it still aches daily. Why does wearing 15-20mmHG hose make it hurt worse? Is this normal?

What is best treatment for lipodermatosclerosis? (5 answers)
For 4 yr I have had inflamed nodules turning into sclerotic tissue. Biopsy first interpreted as Erythema Nodosum, then another path calls it LDS. Full venous studies negative for CVI-perfect veins.Is it reasonable to continue taking Trental..or what?

I'm wearing stockings, but they don't seem to help. (5 answers)
If I'm wearing stockings and they don't help my weak legs, is surgery the next step?

Post phlebitic syndrome 35 years later? (5 answers)
Can you develope post phlebitic syndrome 35 years after having a blood clot in the deep vein?

Chaps style for the wrong leg? (5 answers)
Is it alright to use chaps style compression stockings that state they are for one leg on the other? I have right leg chaps, but want to wear them on my left leg? Can they be turned inside out and worn?

I have a multi colored bruise after heart ablation (5 answers)
I have a big multi color bruise from cardiac ablation but it seems to be traveling down my leg and I have some swelling as well. Is this normal?

Does wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevent vein problems? (5 answers)
I really don’t want to end up with vein problems once my daughter is born. Can wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevent varicose veins?

Should I have Bruises from my compression stocking? (5 answers)
I am 16 years old and was put in a compression stocking on my right foot after fracturing my lisfranc joint in my foot playing hockey 3 months ago. I am now getting bruises on my mid foot where I injured my foot and on the sides. Is this normal?

How long should I wear compression socks after a surgery in the abdomen? (5 answers)

Can compression stockings help a severe hematoma? (4 answers)
A car hit my leg and bruised it severely. I have some pain and some problems bending it back. It feels a little numb at times in one area. But I can still feel it.

What can I do about the top of stocking digging into my calf? (4 answers)
The stockings fit but the tops of them dig into my skin and is painful. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Can I put an elastic bandage or something under them to help with that?

Is my compression stocking not allowing a bruise on my foot to heal? (4 answers)
The top of my foot feels bruised and has felt that way for awhile. I wear a compression stocking daily because I did Thrombolysis to clear out a clot. I am 26 yrs old so I usually heal fast. Is the compression stocking keeping the bruise from healing?

Painful/Sensitive skin after removing stockings? (4 answers)
I wear knee-high compression stockings occassionally for swollen ankles and feet. Why is the skin on my lower legs VERY painful/sensitive to the touch after removing the stockings. Stays painful for about a day. Is this even normal?

When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago. (4 answers)
When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.

What if Compression Stkgs are making my legs hurt worse? (3 answers)
Does this mean that there is something wrong other than varicose veins? It's mostly in my right leg. They make my legs itch, and I get burning sensations. It drives me so crazy I have to take them off! They are 15-20 mmHg and I was measured.

Must I wear two compression stockings for unilateral edema? (3 answers)
I have unilateral edema. I am also diabetic. Must I wear two compression stockings? Also, if my edema is better after wearing the hose, may I skip wearing them till the edema returns?

I had injections in my veins and since then, I have had bad pains and weakness in my right leg. Why is this? (3 answers)
I had injections in my veins and since then, I have had bad pains weakness in my right leg. Why is this?

Why am I bruising from my compression stockings? (2 answers)
I'm on Plavix for heart Issues but my vascular doctor prescribed compression hose for the pain, varicose veins, discoloration and swelling in my legs. Since wearing them I am bruising badly when taking them off. 26 bruises. Are they too tight or what's the problem?

Do compression stockings cause bruises on the mid-foot? (2 answers)
I am a 16 years old and have been put in compression stocking after a severe midfoot fracture I recived playing hockey. I have only been in it for two days and have started to get brusing on my midfoot where I fractured it. Is that normal?

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