I have pain after EVLT, is that normal?

I had EVLT about 10 days ago , now I have a big knot on my inner thigh and when I touch it, it still hurts , I had a lot of pain the day after the surgery and I couldn't bend my leg. Is this normal?

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Replied on 10/5/2010

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  Dr. John Landi, FACS, RPVI, RPhS
Medical Director, Diplomate Am. Board of Phlebology

Naples, FL

All of the things you describe can occur after EVLT. Once the tumescent anesthesia wears off, it is common to have discomfort along the course of the treated vein as well as hard lumps. The lumps are due to clotting of the lasered vein as well as residual hematomas from the microphlebectomies. Discomfort across the knee joint is usually for the same reasons. Anti-inflammatory meds and warm compresses can help at this point. You should follow with your physician.

Replied on 1/28/2010

By: Miller Vein  |  Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D.
Steven K. Wang, M.D.
Michael E. Lulenski, M.D.

Novi, MI

Post procedural pain like this can occur. You should however follow-up with your vein doctor and get an ultrasound.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Innovative Vein  |  Paul Cheatum, M.D.
Wichita, KS

The know could be a closed, hard vessel. This is expected. Without seeing your leg directly, that would be my best guess. But this needs to be evaluated by ultrasound before a determination can be made. Pain after the procedure is usually mild, but some people do have enough that normal activity is more difficult. Again, this likely is all expected, but should be confirmed with an exam.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

Contact your surgeon for this although all this may be normal.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: The Kimmel Institute  |  Dr. Richard Kimmel
Boca Raton, FL

You may have experienced a post-procedure phlebitis. You should return to your vascular surgeon for evaluation. This should get better within a few weeks, but you need to make sure that you don't have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Vein Specialty Medical Clinic, Inc.  |  Khalil Fattahi M.D.
Board Certified, American Board of Phlebology

Campbell, CA

Around days 3 to 8 after EVLT/ELVeS and any other endovenous transcatheter heat generating technique, patients can feel tightness, and some pain on medial aspect of thigh.
Usually, the discomfort subsides after a couple of days. Most cases need only regular over the counter medication for those 2 days.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Vein Center Houston  |  Mario O. Kapusta, M.D., RVS, RPVI, ABPh
Houston, TX

Pain after ELVT occurs and is related to the type of laser used, the size of the vein, the amount of energy used and the performance of any other procedures (Phlebectomy).
The big knot may be a hematoma, a blood clot or the residue of a Phlebectomy.
If the vein was closed below the knee, pain and inability to bend the knee joint are common.

I suggest you see your surgeon at your earliest convenience.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Vein Specialists at Royal Palm Square  |  Joseph G. Magnant, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Fort Myers, FL

This is not abnormal. Pain varies between patients as a function of depth of the vein, patient anxiety and pain perception. The tenderness over the inner thigh is related to the "cooked" vein and the body responded by sending inflammation cells to the area around the vein. This should respond to warm soaks and anti-inflammatory meds like Motrin or Advil for the next 2
weeks or so. Consult with your MD to see what dose they would prescribe, but as a general rule 600-800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times per day with food is adequate. If you note any blister formation or increase in calf swelling you should seek medical attention.

Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Angelo N. Makris MD   |  Angelo N. Makris, M.D. Interventional Radiology Center
Oak Brook, IL

This may be an area of thrombophlebitis or a hematoma. Either way, it is not unusual but you should contact your treating physician and let him/her know.

Replied on 1/22/2010

By: Laser Vein Center  |  Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T.
O'Fallon, MO

Tenderness is very common after an EVLT and it usually last a week or two but can last for a month. A knot in on your inner thigh is also common and usually last for a month. The pain to the point of not being able to bend your leg the day after the procedure seems unusually severe.

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How long should I wait after the procedure before I start lifting weights and running? (10 answers)
I had the procedure done on one leg 2 weeks ago and the other leg 1 week ago. I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but I haven't gone since I had the 1st procedure done. When is it safe to begin heavy exercising again?

Will vein reappear with a second pregnancy? (10 answers)
After my first child, I suffered from varicose veins. I didn't gain much weight during the pregnancy, but it was mostly due to hormones.
After having EVLA and sclero treatment, I am afraid to have a second child. Will my varicose veins reappear?

Is the endovenous ablation a good alternative to correct poor circulation in the legs after having a DVT? (10 answers)
I am on Coumadin and since I had the DVT in June 09, my quality of life has diminished. If I sit down for an hour and intend to stand u I look like very old lady. It is painful and so tired of my legs and feet, the heel hurts very much.

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation effective in treating lipodermatosclerosis? (10 answers)
Is EVLT recommended for lipodermatosclerosis (LDS)?

Is it safe to have VNUS surgery if there is a blockage in the groin area? (10 answers)
Is it adviseable to have VNUS surgery when there is blockage in the groin area? I am very healthy, not overweight & not diabetic.

Is there a risk to the fetus if we did endovenous ablation while patient was 4-5 weeks pregnant? (10 answers)
The patient was unaware she was pregnant. Also is it protocol to do pregnancy tests on everyone prior to laser?

What is the recurrence rate of varicose veins after endovenous laser ablation? (10 answers)
What are the odds the veins will come back after treatment?

What complications are involved with Endovenous Laser Ablation? (10 answers)
If I have had large vessels such as the saphenous closed, is there chance of circulatory problems later on?

Can EVLT make your legs look worse? (9 answers)
Is it possible for EVLT to make your legs look worse after the procedure?

Can EVLT cause nerve damage? (9 answers)
I had EVLT done about three months ago..right after the EVLT procedure i started feeling weird sensations in my ankle and now the pain seems to get worse every day? Could this pain be associated with the procedure?

Can varicose veins come back after endovenous laser ablation? (9 answers)
Or does the treatment permanently remove them?

Will endovenous laser ablation really destroy the greater saphenous vein? (9 answers)
Is that going to affect my circulation?

Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day? (9 answers)
Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day?

Do two procedures carry more risk if carried out on the same day?

EVLA during pregnancy (9 answers)
What is the risk of performing the procedure while pregnant. I am a surgeon pregnant (2nd tri) with my second. The pain is so great from LSV reflux that I cannot stand or operate. I am looking for answers as to what has been reported about complications.

Enlarged greater saphenous around ankle, is EVLT a good option? (9 answers)
I have a painful/enlarged greater saphenous vein along its course to my groin, however most painful near my ankle bone, does EVLT take care of this distal location since the procedure is only done from the knee to the groin for this vein?

Double Saphenous Vein and EVLT. (9 answers)
I had EVLT done in March. I have a double great saphenous vein. They only did one of them. Now my legs feel (and look) worse than they did before the EVLT. I'm switching docs, but what are the chances of EVLT working on the other vein in that leg?

what is considered 'normal' bruising 5 days post EVLT (9 answers)
EVLT 5 days ago GSV. No serious pain yet. Compression stocking to come off tomorrow, but bruising seems excessive with dark patches and tenderness to touch. I was told to use heating pad, and now I'm reading not to do that. What should I do?

When can I start running after I have this procedure? (9 answers)
I am 52 and 130 lbs. I have been running 2-3 times a week since 2006. I run between 5-26.2 miles at a time. I am healthy otherwise besides being on medication for high blood pressure.

ELA with Factor V Leiden disorder (9 answers)
Are there higher risks for a patient with Factor V Leiden during the endovenous laser ablation procedure?

Are long periods of standing after EVLA safe? (9 answers)
My job (bar manager) requires me to stand for long periods of time and occasionally lift heavy objects (but not for sustained periods.) I am 25 and in good shape, leg is healing with no pain after 2 days. Is it safe to return to work on the 4th day?

Why has EVLT not improved my chronic leg swelling? (8 answers)
It's been 4 wks since I had EVLT and Phlebectomy of my left leg. I continue to have the same chronic, daily leg swelling that I did before treatment. I have a follow-up appt in 3 mths but I am less than optimistic. What should I expect next?

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation necessary? (8 answers)
Originally went to get checked out about my spider veins & was told that I have 4 incompetent veins & need the laser treatment. Didn't give me any info/explanation of their findings. Not even sure what they mean. I'm completely lost, please help! (27 and never had kids)

What are the short & long term risks of this procedure? (8 answers)
I had the Endovenous laser treatment on my upper leg,(long Saph?)Doctor wants me to do all four, I'm questioning if I really need all of that done. Can this cause me harm in the short or long term?

Are bulging veins at the knee after GSV normal and will they go away? (8 answers)
I had GSV laser done eight days ago. Now there are bulging veins at the knee and below. Will these go away? I am scheduled for the lower SAF procedure as well.

After 2 weeks post EVLT, the doctor said I needed to redo the procedure? (8 answers)
I had EVLT preformed 3 weeks ago. When I went for the 2 week follow-up ultrasound it showed that the vein was still open and doctor said he needed to redo the procedure. Please advise - I thought this was a one-time procedure.

Driving after having endovenous laser ablation? (8 answers)
When may I start driving after my venous procedure? I had ELA 10 days ago on right leg.

EVT after varicose vein surgery (8 answers)
I had varicose vein surgery (ligation and stripping) 10 years ago. My problems came back and I've had many rounds of sclerotherapy. Now my doctor recommends EVT. Is that OK?

Karate & kickboxing after EVLA and Sclerotherapy (8 answers)
I had EVLA done on 3 veins recently. I know 1 was the small saph., the other two names I am not sure. Also had sclerotherapy on both legs. When can I go back to karate and kickboxing. We do kick pads pretty hard. Training for my black belt!

Is it normal for new veins to appear in my leg after endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy? (8 answers)
I had endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy but I keep spotting new veins appearing in my leg. Is this normal?

I should mention that I suffered from phlebitis in this leg following surgery and it has never felt the same since as it aches and feels heavy. I have new veins in my upper thigh and calf. What should I do?

Is it possible to only do a partial ablation of the greater saphenous vein? (8 answers)
Is it possible to only do a partial ablation of the greater saphenous vein?

Is thera any chance of getting traveling blood clots after this procedure?? (8 answers)
Is there any chance of getting traveling blood clots after this procedure??

I had this procedure done in March. My leg feels better, even though I know I'm still healing. But the past couple of days I haven't been feeling well....tired, and my chest is achy..just afraid the pain may be the result of a traveling clot..

Thoughts on going to the tanning salon before this procedure? (8 answers)
Is it ok to go to a tanning salon before this procedure? I use the stand up bed, I have arthritis, and find that the tanning makes me feel a lot better.

Confused, not noticing improvement (8 answers)
I had minor reflux, but my reticular leg veins swell especially late in the day. I had 4 EVLTs, and the swelling is still there. The doc said I don't need sclero because the branches aren't open and don't need treatment. Why am I not seeing results?

Sapheno Femoral Junction? (8 answers)
Can a laser effectively occlude an incompetent Sapheno femoral Junction? If it does, which modality is better; Diode or NdYag?

Can you get bone irritation after the Endovenous Laser Ablation? (8 answers)
Is this a normal side-effect?

What qualifications are required for a specialist performing endovenous laser ablation? (8 answers)
I'm interested in having the procedure done. What should I look for in a specialist? What kind of training and/or degrees are required to be qualified to perform vein procedures?

How is veinwave different from endovenous ablation? (8 answers)
What makes this product unique?

Is surgery really necessary for varicose veins? (8 answers)
Are endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation suitable for varicose veins in the upper part of the thigh? I consulted my surgeon for alternative techniques, he said sclerotherapy would not work. Would these other two methods be suitable?

Does endovenous laser ablation damage the saphenous vein? (7 answers)
I’ve heard that endovenous laser treatments actually remove or destroy the saphenous vein in the leg. Is this true, and will I still get enough blood circulation to the legs if this large vessel is removed?

Are risks of complications during pregnancy higher after having endovenous laser ablation? (7 answers)
I had this surgery a year ago, then again 4 days ago because the first one was not successful. I would like to get pregnant in the next could of months, but an worried about clots. Should I be, or are there other risks?

How many times can you do EVLT on same leg? (7 answers)
I had 3 laser surgeries done on left leg in 2006.It helped tremendously.I had much pain swelling etc. off and on for years until I did this.Well now I have some new vein problem in same leg.Right now I have superficial phlebitis in the left leg

What are the resrictions after Endovenous Laser Ablation? (7 answers)
Can you please detail some of the restrictions after EVLT?

Is numbness in both feet caused by ELT and how long will this last? (7 answers)
I had ELT done on my left leg. At first it was quite painful for about 2 weeks post procedure a month later had the Right leg done 2 days after pocedure I developed numbness in buttocks that radiates down both legs into my feet, it is very annoying feeling.

Sciatic issues? (7 answers)
Someone posted about buttock/leg/foot numbness after EVLT. In someone with venous hypertension is it possible that removing superf. veins can increase vein pressure in the deep veins, causing pressure against the sciatic nerve and numbness?

Endovenous Ablation and subsequent pregnancies. (7 answers)
I developed varicose veins during my 2nd pregnancy and have consulted with a physician regarding endovenous laser ablation. We would like to try for another baby after the procedure. How long should I wait to get pregnant after the procedure?

Is it possible the procedure would fail because the vein is thin or curved? (7 answers)
Could it be possible to not get through the vein because of it being thin or curved?

Proceedure affected my large saphenus vein (7 answers)
I have the laser proceedure done on my small saphenus vein. The Ultrasound results shows there is reflux in my large saphenus vein which was not there prior to the proceedure. Should i have my large saphenus vein treated also. Is there a risk?

What's the maxium size vien allowed for this procedure? Using the laser at 12 watts. (7 answers)
Should we increase the watts to compensate for a big vien?

Will the general anesthesia used in laser vein surgery hurt my fetus? (7 answers)
I had a laser treatment done on a deep vein when I was 4 weeks pregnant and did not know I was. I am now 23 weeks and am nervous that the general anesthesia at such a early time in gestation will cause long term effects.

Dimpling after EVLT (7 answers)
I noticed a large dimple on my leg after deep EVLT. Is this common and will it go away? The Dr. had a difficult time with the vein because it was so deep, and he struggled getting me numb. I bruised severely.

Could I have endovenous laser ablation? (6 answers)
I recently had massive blood clots in the left leg, becasue of inactivity in the other leg, it was in cast. My body has now absorbed the blood clots and i am still on comadine/warfin until December 2011 this year.

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (6 answers)
Does EVLT for superficial phlebitis also help with post-thrombotic syndrome in a deep vein? Is ultrasound of deep and superficial systems routinely performed before deciding on EVLT? Thanks.

Sclerotherapy post ELA (6 answers)
I had endovenous laser ablation of saphenous vein, and now I'm told I need 3 sclerotherapy sessions. is this so? only one is covered by my insurance. I was told that only having 1 could be harmfull, is this true?

Does having EVLT for leg veins make dorsal superficial foot veins disappear as well? (6 answers)
Just wondering about this, since the greater and lesser saphenous veins seem to receive the superficial foot veins on top of the foot, and I have enlarged ones.Thank you!

Serious problems associated with EVLA (6 answers)
I recently have EVLA done 3 times and have had serious side effects and want to know is this normal? I had a hematoma on one leg and excessive swelling on the other leg and extreme pain in both and really need your advice?

How long before you see the results with ELA? (6 answers)
Had the procedure Friday. Removed the stocking Monday evening. I still see bumps in my leg. Will that get better?

Ankle redness and pain after EVLT (6 answers)
I had an ablation done on my right gr. saph. vein 1 month ago. Symptoms before were swelling with the gr.saph. vein and others. After having the ablation, I still have some swelling, pain, and also redness around the ankle upon standing I've never had before.

Ankle swelling and numbness (6 answers)
I had endovenous laser of my lower right leg on 4/28 and still have significant pain and swelling in my ankle. I also have the numbness, but I understand that the nerve is involved and hopefully it will heal.

Can you explain the cause of two phenomena that occur during the endovenous laser procedure? (6 answers)
What causes the "garlic taste" in your mouth during the endovenous laser ablation? What causes the "water dripping sensation" when the doctor is doing the tumescence?

Sharp stabbing pains in my leg! (6 answers)
I have sharp stabbing pains in my leg. It's very painful and the Motrin did not help. I was in tears! This went on for a couple of days. The pain is on my right leg and my left leg isn't painful at all. What could this be?

Different causes for bulging veins? (5 answers)
I had minor vein reflux. My veins stand out at the end of the day in several spots in front of thighs (look like cellulite but are not) After 4 EVLTs two months ago on both legs, the swelling is still there. What can cause them to swell other than reflux?

Outcomes with Microphlebectomy/EVLT? (5 answers)
I have dorsal foot varicosities, as well as varicose GSV and LSV's receiving these veins. Has anyone done microphlebectomy of the foot veins (with/out EVLT) and had more good than bad experiences with this procedure here? Thank you!

I had a large vein in my leg ablated 8 months ago and it still is ropey and painful. Is this normal? (5 answers)
It hurts when I sit or stand and is tender to touch. I had a blood clot in the vein when the procedure was done.

Side effects of drinking after EVLA? (5 answers)
What are the side effects of drinking alcohol after my evla?

Is this pain normal after EVLA and sclerotherapy? I have not been able to resume what I would consider normal activities. (4 answers)
Had EVLA on my right saphenous vein 3 1/2 weeks ago. After 1 week it started to feel good, then hurt for 2-3 days, then started to feel good again.I had foam sclerotherapy performed on the same leg/thigh 9 days ago and it's hurt on/off ever since.

Tendon pain after ablation. (4 answers)
I've had ELA on both legs. I have some tendon pain on going up from my feet to the insides of each leg. Is this a side effect?

What is the relationship between high blood pressure and endovenous laser ablation? (4 answers)
My blood pressure was normal until the endovenous procedure. Immediately following the procedure my blood pressure became very elevatated. My blood pressure has remained high ever since. Now taking high blood pressure medication since this procedure.

Can vena saphena magna and parva be ablated in one procedure? (4 answers)
can vena saphena magna and parva be ablated in one procedure? Or do they need to be treated separately?

Numbness and Pain (4 answers)
I have pain in my calf ,numbness in my ankle, and also get sharp elecrical-like pains down my achilles tendon when I kick my leg. I had the procedure 3 weeks ago. I also have horrible discoloration on my calf, which resulted after post-injecions

Is an interventional radiologist ok in my case? (4 answers)
I am a 54 year old female approximately 75 pounds overweight. Had a spontaneous dvt in my left leg 16 years ago. I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus 1.5 yrs ago in my right leg, after that I had a small pulmonary embolism in my right lung. Now I am a "lifer" on Coumadin. Is it ok to have EVLA while on meds?

A lot of pain after surgery on my calf. (3 answers)
I had my treatment done last week, and I have a lot of pain on my calf and tingling feeling from my lower calf to my ankle. Is this normal?

flight after surgery (3 answers)
Can i fly on plane for 2.5 hours three days after I've had endovenous laser ablation?

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