Is numbness after microphlebectomy normal?

Ten days after microphlebectomy I still have numbness and tingling on the top and medial aspect of my right foot and ankle. What is this from and will it resolve?

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Replied on 8/3/2012

By: VeinSolutions - Edina  |  
Edina, MN

The feeling you are expriencing is called neuropathy or parasthesia. It is a condition wherein the nerves are irritated when the veins are surgically removed. This condition usually fully resolves itself. However, it can take several months for the nerves to "calm down" and for the area(s) in question to feel normal and not numb or hypersensitive.

Replied on 7/31/2012

By: Advanced Vein Center  |  Bruce R. Hoyle, M.D.
Orange, CA

A small cutaneous nerve was probably traumatized during the phlebectomy. Sensation often returns after a month or two, but sometimes the numbness is permanent.

Replied on 7/30/2012

By: Cosmetic Vein Centers of Texas  |  Mark E. Skellenger, M.D.
Houston, TX

Not usually, but it will probably improve over 6 months. A small sensory nerve was likely disturbed.

Replied on 7/30/2012

By: Vein Specialties of St. Louis  |  Norman Bein, M.D.,FACS,RVT
Creve Coeur, MO

It is possible to have residual numbness and tingling on the top of the foot after microphlebectomy. I would be interested to know the location of the phlebectomy? If in the foot/ankle, there are a lot of small nerves which can be aggravated during the procedure. We recommend gentle massage of the areas several times per day and they usually resolve. Ten days is very early in the healing process, so be should resolve.

Replied on 7/30/2012

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  Dr. John Landi, FACS, RPVI, RPhS
Medical Director, Diplomate Am. Board of Phlebology

Naples, FL

This is most likely from irritation of the nerves in the area of the microphlebectomies. If the nerves have not been cut, then this should improve over several months. There is also a chance that this may not improve, if the microscopic nerves have been cut. The numbness can also be due to the local anesthesia used. Give it time and see if things improve. You should follow up with your physician.

Replied on 7/30/2012

By: Heart and Vein Center  |  Rodolfo D. Farhy, MD, FACC, FAHA
Lathrup Village, MI

There are nerves in those areas. It is normal to have some of the inflammatory process of the vein healing affecting those nerves. It should resolve within a week. If not, it might need some investigation by your treating physician.

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