Sore swelling in thigh 6 days after Ambulatory Phleboctomy

It has been 6 days after my procedure..each day I noticed a sore area in my inner I felt what seems to be a large lump 3- 4 inches long, two inches wide that is solid...any ideas? Should I go to Doctor?

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Replied on 2/17/2011

By: North Shore Vein Center  |  Mark Schwartz, MD, FACS, RPVI
Medical Director

Lake Success, NY

Always a good idea to have this checked out. It probably represents a thrombosed vein that is not dangerous and will shrink down over time with compression and warm soaks.

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Longer than 2 weeks?

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I had an ambulatory phlebectomy performed on on leg in May 2011, and the other leg in October 2011. I have tiny scars from the incisions. Will self-tanning cream darken these scars, or will it help blend them in to the rest of my leg?

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Are they the same procedure... Is Ambulatory being for bigger veins and micro for smaller? I am confused...

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I recently had A Phlebectomy on my right leg. I had many varicose veins. I unwrapped it for the first time today, and a large varicose vein remains over my knee and another on my calf. Can this be taken care of when I schedule surgery on the other leg?

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